Professional activity
in the field of chemical industry

A wide range of lubricants, including anti-friction greases designed mainly to lubricate bearing and other friction components of machines and mechanisms, operating at different conditions, conservation greases for protection of metal surfaces for a short or a long period of time and sealing greases for sealing and pressurisation of backlashes, partition surfaces, etc.
A group of products which includes cooling fluids (antifreeze) and low freezing point fluids for windscreen wipers, as well as Emulsol for short-term corrosion inhibition of metal metal products and fluid for submersible electrical pump units for lubrication of axial and radial sliding bearings in submersible electrical pump units.
A great variety of detergents for industrial and household use. It includes preparations for cleaning of heavily soiled and metal surfaces, washing preparations for natural, artificial and synthetic products, preparations for removal of persistent stains, water softeners and household washing machines.
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